Capability Specifications

Our five tempering furnaces and complementary array of specialty fabrication equipment enable us to meet a variety of customer requirements. Specific manufacturing capabilities are presented here.

Tempering Capabilities

Specification Reference: ASTM C1036 and ASTM C1048

Flat Glass

Thickness Ranges


Tempering Type

1/8 inch to 3/8 inch

(2.9 mm – 10 mm)

Smallest: 8 inch diagonal

Largest: 37” x 80” (MI)

Largest: 48” x 140” (OH)

Roller Hearth

Heat Treated < 10,000 psi

Fully Tempered > 10,000 psi

Bent Glass

Thickness Ranges


Tempering Type

1/8 inch to 3/8 inch

(2.9 mm – 10 mm)

Smallest: 6” x 9”

Largest: 30” x 140” (Dinoba)

Largest: 36” x 80” (CRB)

Largest: 49” x 80” (QSB)

40” to 280” Cylindrical (Dinoba)

35” to Flat Cylindrical (CRB)

13.5” to 400” Complex (QSB)

Fabrication Capabilities

Glass Edgework


Edge No. 1


Edge No. 1


Edge No. 2

"Crown Edge, Semi-satin Finish"

Edge No. 3

"Semi-crown Edge, Semi-satin Finish"

Edge No. 4


A type of edgework with a semi-satin finish having a smooth, even surface, without luster. This type of edgework is often unframed.

Similar to No. 1 Edge with additional processing using cork wheels to apply luster to the ground finish.

Modification of Edge No. 1 where the finish is not so fine and larger “shiners” (wheel skips) are permissible in center area of the crown. Often used for unexposed edges sliding in channels.

Modification of Edge No. 2 where the central part of the edge need not be touched with the edging wheel. Often used for edges enclosed in fixed channels or stationary installations.

Seamed Edge: original cut edge of the glass is ground off to an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

A seamed edge is the minimum type of edgework acceptable for tempered safety glass.


  • Smallest Hole (per ASTM C1048): Diameter of 1/4” or the thickness of the glass, whichever is greatest
  • Largest Hole: 2.5” or 64 mm
  • Maximum Distance Between Holes: Unlimited based on glass size capabilities
  • Distance from  Hole to Edge (per ASTM C1048): 1/4” or two times the glass thickness, whichever is greatest


Ceramic glass frit for full or partial coverage of fabrication material or decorative finish in black or other colors is available. In addition, Silver Grid (bus bar) applications are available upon request.


Paragon Tempered Glass can supply dual and triple pane insulated glass from 6” x 8” to 48” x 80” in size.