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Paragon Tempered Glass, LLC, is a specialty fabricator offering custom glass solutions to numerous markets from two U.S.-based facilities. Products include both flat and bent tempered glass, as well as insulated glass, to meet demanding expectations of strength, thermal and aesthetic quality.

As an innovative glass fabricator, we’re recognized for quality problem-solving and on-time performance across both small, custom lots and large production runs. Our global customer base relies on us to help it find top-quality, cost-effective solutions for new application challenges. Fabricating glass products is our only business, and our employees are passionate about maintaining their reputation as industry leaders.

What is Tempered Glass?

How the Company Began

Paragon Tempered Glass emerged from the 2012 combination of two tempered glass veterans: Spec-Temp, LLC (Antwerp, OH), and Tem-Pace, LLC (Niles, MI). From a 1970s horse barn in Ohio to a southwest Michigan industrial park, our passionate founders built their businesses because they knew they could offer better service. Today, five tempering furnaces and a battery of CNC-controlled robotic equipment in the hands of our expert workforce enable us to exceed your expectations.

Strides in Customer Satisfaction

A commitment to excellence isn’t just something we talk about; it’s a goal we are continually working toward. We recently surveyed 60 percent of our customer base to see how we have improved over a five-year span. We asked them to rank us in seven categories representing different aspects of quality and service (1 being extremely dissatisfied, 5 being extremely satisfied.) See how we’ve grown in our ability to exceed customer expectations.

Delivery 2.80 4.30 4.00 4.64 4.50 4.75
Production Quality 4.00 4.10 4.60 4.70 4.65 4.80
Problem Resolution 3.75 4.40 4.00 4.92 4.60 4.75
Cost 4.20 3.70 3.40 4.25 4.00 4.32
Technical Support 4.67 4.50 4.40 4.80 4.71 4.86
New Part Sampling 3.40 4.20 4.00 4.66 4.40 4.78
Customer Service 3.40 4.60 4.30 4.93 4.70 4.96


Paragon Ownership

Paragon Tempered Glass, LLC, is an operating company of The Cypress Companies of Akron, Ohio.